New Earth-human...Nuwe Mens
11. Diary at Mashagadzi Lodge
      (where I hope to finish my book, New Earth-human, over the next 5 weeks:
       the diary hereunder will be published in English, to be understood by international readers/friends)  

 Diary of Aruan-Don,
from Mashagadzi Bushveld Lodge,  Marloth Park, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

19 Oct 2013: My wife, Elbie, and I arrived here late yesterday afternoon. It was hot.

We parked our small car on the huge called a “stoep”...right in front of the sliding door.

  We found a secluded 4 bedroomed, private lodge, two rooms on 1st floor...with own bathroom, 2 rooms and living area on ground floor, with a facing of only called “bushveld.
  Only the twitter and song of birds could be heard, and here we are, in real remote bush, with the sky and golden sun crowning it all: [we shall talk much of the golden sun, because in my channeled book and partnership between My Golden Spiritual Guides and myself, the Gold, the Sun, the Golden Sun...Eternal Sun (?) comes to the fore on a regular basis].

  It is very dry here. It is now the beginning of summer here, and no rain has fallen here during winter and spring. We felt sorry for the game, having seen "red buck", baboons and monkeys on our way in.

  It is now early morning. The first thing I noticed as I opened the sliding door leading onto the “stoep”,  was that it rained overnight: with the enveloping peace and secluded quietness, we slept  as if drugged.
  We took to the road early, yesterday morning, so we were tired last night.
  I just now stood in the bush clearing in front of our private lodge...our heaven for the next 5 weeks!...and involuntarilly became part of the seeing-no-one seclusion and peace being gross over all, hearing all sorts of bird sounds (as this is dense bush area “bushveld”, there are really many birds here, many exotic ones too!); I then had coffee on the stoep, with which I spoilt Elbie in bed; found it to be cool this morning, so decided to set up my computer on the stoep, facing the bush frontage. [pics will follow!].
And this is where I am now. Now I am going to test if I have cell phone contact, so that I can share my heavenly experience with you all...
Later: I first had to go and purchase “all network data”, which should make me contactable again via E and internet.

{Aruan-Don writing from South Africa, about to start compiling the book, New Earth-Human (“Nuwe Mens”]  consisting mostly of channelled messages and guidance received from Jeshua, Buddha and “Us” from Yonder World...and, of course, also from Prince Ishkur, known on earth as JHWH, Jehovah and many other names}.

This and future diary placements of my experience and progress here, to be published on my facebook and on my site

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20 Oct 2013: It is 3h00. I awoke very well rested. It is most quiet. Today I shall start compiling and final writing the book New Earth-human (Afrikaans: Nuwe Mens).  I shall write it in my native language, being Afrikaans, from South Africa. My wife will then start translating it to I progress...whereupon I shall finalize the English script part by part.
  Am I exited? No. I am deeply calm, most greatly thankful for the opportunity to finalize this book, which has been part of me since the beginning of 2011...that not being totally factual: it started end of July, 2010, when Jeshua unexpectedly started channeling his Neutrality Message to and through me (The Christ Principle), when Prince Ishkur, JHWH/Jehovah of olden, biblical times started communicating with me...[I shall place the English version on the English section of within a day].

  During December 2010, during meditation, I found myself in spirit sitting next to my gone over father-in-law, sitting on the afterdeck of a passenger boat, during which he asked me if I would be willing to work on new terms for useful ones of the Old Energy terms. Of course I said yes...”most definitely!”  He then said he so wished he could bring me to an idillyc, remote place, where I can focus on this task.
  To make a long story short, circumstances arose that brought me (in social misery that time) to the Northern part of Namibia, Henties Bay (, in Namibia, "the Desert", so to say...yes, I do notice the similarities with the Yeshua ben Josep experiences, and also with the metaphorical Jesus story.
  I...with my wife...were with her sister, who afforded me/us a home,  space and a private place to write, and a vast Desert meeting the Endless Sea, one block away. Add to this a secluded, private, sunny back yard, and you may sit with me in Spirit receiving and communicating with those I already mentioned above, and many more from the Spirit Living World of Earth-humans. This is what I NOW intend to finalize here at the remote Mashagadzi Lodge in the Bushveld of Mpumalanga, South Africa.  Yes, I am, once again,  unexpectedly and without delay brought to a glorious, remote place, to fulfill my calling.

Thank you for sharing this with me. Today I plan to finalize the introduction of “New Earth-human”.

From Mashagadzi Bushveld Lodge,  Marloth Park, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Note: I have been blocked by Facebook for being too eager to contact with new friends.
It should be unblocked by 29 October 2013, it also being my birthday.


No 3.

Sunday , 20 Oct 2013...2nd letter of the day.
  It rained here Friday and Saturday night. We did not awaken during it. It is only now that I realize that the Lodge is a duplex and has a thatch roof, so we would not hear the rain.

  The game will now start to give birth, as they hold the birth back until it rains, when there will be green grass to feed. By the way, if wounded, game, as well as sharks, when caught, immediately give birth. I so dislike hunting.

   By the way, the “red buck” I mentioned in my 1st letter is “impala”, as pointed out by Donald Junior. We also saw “wildebeest”, a local, South African type of buffalo.
   Eugene writes he enjoys the descriptions, feels as if he is here at Mashagadzi and not in Johannesburg, says he smelt the morning coffee on the stoep.
  I enjoy the game samples visiting us at the lodge. So far warthogs...a few groups; one bear even ate out of my hand and chased the other two away. On my way to buying a Sunday newspaper this morning, I came across two fully grown giraffes, leisurely feeding next to the road.  Ever wondered why they feed wandering from tree to tree? Watch the tree leaves turn darker after a few minutes of feeding: it is because the tree lets loose a foul tasting juice, which the giraffe or other feeding game do not like, so they leave that tree and move on to the next.
  The baboons were mostly turning over stones. Some time I shall tell you some of the antics of antelope experiences re sex overnight.

   I finished the draft  introduction of New Earth-human/Nuwe-Mens yesterday; now to start with what lead to my experiences re communicating with our non-physical living world, called the Spiritual World, or “heaven”...their being 2 main heavens, of course:

1. Our physical heaven, Olam/Olan, which is based on a physical place, whereto 'we shall rise'...or, so believed, by some of us. I suggest this physical heaven dream of Earth-humans is based on the experiences of the beginning Earth-humans, who not only believed the God-IDEA of the extra-terrestrials, but also saw the visitors from another planet or star as “God”, and their place of origin, home, as "heaven". Of course this is the basis of “Jesus” (fundamentally and literary interpreted) having the mind factory of physically rise from a physical grave and then to ascend in physical form to a physical heaven...Olam...from which he allegedly will physically return, to physically restore the life of all Earth-humans, upon which Armageddon will take place...Babilonian views of uncle Zoroaster/Zarathustra, which was imported to Jewish, religious views after the 580 BC exile, and which landed in the Christian bible.

: Not that I accept this farcical views, which a large group of My People (local, South African “Afrikaners”) still believe and accept as fact...a peculiar faith view, not based on reputable or verifying facts.

2. Then there is the/our non-physical world,  4th Dimension of Earth, to which the non-physical main part of  Earth-humans go over upon physical death...we here being in the 3rd Living Dimension of Earth,

3. The/our  2nd “Heaven” of Earth-humans are based on this, but the religious view...only the “elected” ones grace...go there, which, of course, is a phrase, as all Earth-humans leave their bodies (temporary vessel) on dying. This is of course a part Christian view, so pinching “God” and “heaven” only for thém: this may be termed our 3rd heaven...a religious "heaven".

4. Question: Where does “Hell” fit into this razzamatazz? Any suggestions? I’ll tell you a secret: you think the young rams who were driven from the flock have no sex. You sure about that? The same applies to man: you think those driven from the holy religious groups have no spirituality. You sure of that too?
  Well, you are in for a surprise. You may even ask: who then is in hell (if it exisis), the ruling ram, or the chased away, daring ones outside of the flock/herd?

Please feel free to react re this and whatever I write.  

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No 4.

Monday , 21 Oct 2013

  The rainy weather persists here at Mashagadzi. A new phase of life?
  The Old energy we have known till now, will now decline and in time fade away; the antics of the extra-terrestrials of our beginning years over us will pass over, as well as their inheritance of superiority, a hierarchy mind binding and allegedly superior “God”/gods...being themselves...will fade into the memory of Earth-humans. A New Earth-human will arise, who will take up its part of inter-dimensionality and move on to what is called a 5th Dimension form of living, so breaking the cuffs put on them... their human forebearers from afar.
   Earth-humans will stay on earth, but now not as a closed life group, but living as part of unfathomable Universal life. We shall have representatives of ours sitting at the Galactic Federation, we shall be much healthier, we shall live longer, and much longer, until we become a life form who no more die...the “rising from the dead” will have taken place, and the Jesus metaphor of overcoming the grave will have permanent meaning to Earth-humans.

  No date of reaching this is available or given, as time is not our ruling, nor is it an overnight advancement we are talking about here. The life/lives of Earth-humans will however progress to being eternal: we come from Eternality, and we shall be eternal.
  We shall overnight be freed from the petty beliefs of mislead humans of olden times, we shall all leave Plato’s semi-dark cave of illusion, and so exchange the glimmering deceptiveness of past understanding for clear, brilliant light, from Thé Light, Eternality.  

  And I, I come with a lightened torch of light, not as the only light, not as the only possible light, but as a light outside and away from the planned darkness of our Earth-human past. I come as one speck of light towards Light, amongst uncountable light bearing entities, bringing Earth-humans to the Eternal Light.
  Please hold my hand.

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Now there is only grace, for each and everyone of us,
and this grace brings us to total a
nd Eternal Freedom!


No 5. Tuesday , 22 Oct 2013

  Game are plentiful here.  Families of warthogs pay us regular visits at the lodge, also a huge, loner boar, who regularly uses the drinking place (small dam) 10 yards from the Lodge building; he is aloof though and does not come nearer to us as yet. About  50 lively banded mongoose, very hungry and fighting over every speck of food...we had very little left and available. A lone, timid  steenbuck was afraid to come near us, but inquisitive...or hungry: we felt sorry for her. Then came about 50 guinea-fowl, very was very dry here, but rained softly most of the time yesterday...heavy rain last night!  Wife Elbie does not want the baboons near the Lodge: they are regular housebreakers here.  They burgled the vacant  Lodge some time ago, forcing the owners to install sturdy burglar bars. By the way, security is plentiful and tight here.
  Yesterday was a rainy day; it seemed to bring more game visitors to the Lodge: 5 warthog; and while they were here, two huge kudus came, of which one came to me for food, eating from my hand. Then the biggest warthog stormed the kudu bull, who bent forward, flicked his horns and was ready for a fight. The warthog quickly retreated. All the above came visiting again, the mongoose and guinea-fowl being first.
  We were forced by the plentiful game “visitors” to buy game-feed pellets, as we did not have enough left-overs, fruit and bread to feed the hungry, thin, after-winter game. One warthog ate out of my hand again: I enjoyed it. We also put the Lodge’s bird feeder in the front yard...awaiting the wild birds to find and feed from it.
  I find this, the bush-veld/country/surroundings,  secludedness, quietness and bird-song-white-noise calming, absorbing and stimulating for my writing approach/need/calling: I have brought chapter two of the book to draft stage.
  I long for the day when earth-humans and all life forms on earth will be one-as-all, as is now already in heaven/4-D, since the passing over of “God-the-Father”... 

My Facebook blocking should be over by app 24 October!!!    

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There is  so much beauty in this life experience!


No 6. Wednesday , 23 Oct 2013

  I am amazed at how fast things can change. In nature, hence where I am, in bush area. It was most dry as we arrived here at Mashagadzi Bush Lodge, at Marloth Park, 3 days ago, it rained (still rainy here) and just about all have changed, there is bursting life all around...NEW life, rejuvenation. I do note a catalyst though, in this case being rain.
  It seems as if an unborn or death type of situation can be changed in a very short period...come to life...once a catalyst comes into enhancer, a rejuvenator, an inbetween, an alchemyzer, a bringer of/to [new] life.
  In the case of the dry bushveld, it is turning green...coming back to life, being fast, that us two here stand amazed. It has been an eye-opener experience.
  And so is life: it is as if an instantaneous re-birth of various instances is always at hand, around, with an ín us, and within a rising-from-the-dead period of three days...sunrises...our world is brought to new life, reborn...and so also us.
  All it needs to bring about a huge turnaround of life and existence is a catalyst of change, a happening or experience that has the possibility to change the set-up of life, be it around us or in us. 
  It happened in the “Jesus”-metaphorical story, it brought a change possibility to Earth-humans, namely to  accept that even physical death will fade away, virtually in an approximate three-day, unstable period, after a catalyst brought change about.

  The catalyst in the alleged “Big Bang” is not known, although it could only be The Sun/Suns/sun, bringing about a great change. If it was an instantaneous explosion to a new reality part of existence, I do not know: was the first summer rain instantaneous here in Mpumalanga, South Africa? Was it a coincidence? Or was it part of life, that a particular happening could/would bring a particular NEW cycle of Universal Life about?
  And so a “Big Bang” of sorts could bring about an explosive, quick change to the life of Earth-humans...although I think the catalyst to the change-over of Earth-humans has already banged into our existence, setting alight the change-over to New/renewed Earth-humans coming to the fore overnight, so to say.
  When God-the-Father, An-u, died, in our year 2,000, the catalyst to the big changeover of our life/lives sprung into action, so that we may say that Chief-God An-u’s demise was the opening of ‘the rain’ for Earth-humans, bringing Earth-humans to a new, lush spring existence...a rebirth. Strange that it happened shortly before the New Alignment of Earth to Sun, Central Sun, Middle Sun (?) and the Universe. Was Anu-God-the-Father’s death a coincidental happening?: I do not think so, though it was to happen definitely, and it was due, also for Earth-humans, yóú, and me...not a hair will fall off your head if not part of eternal Life Plan...
  My spirit companions tell me nothing happens coincidental, that everything forms part of The Great Plan. So, also the death of our God-the-Father was part of The Great Plan, was predicted long ago, to happen during thís time period, and to bring about The Great Changeover of Earth-humans. 

  May each and everyone of you nów experience that it has rained, for us to enjoy the newness of our lives springing from it. 
  I expect another, unexpected catalyst to change is at hand for us.

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We may and cán now arise from The Grave of the Past!

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No 7.  Thursday , 24 Oct 2013

  Yesterday most of the regulars paid a visit to the lodge; then came 11 kudus...what a site!
During the day 2 bushbuck stayed long. Late afternoon 4 giraffes leisurely sampled  trees around the lodge building which have green leaves, especially the new leaves.
  It could be said that the game in the bush here at Marloth Park (Mashagadzi Bush Lodge) are moving over to a New Season, a life they know from experience to be full of life and enjoyment i.e. green grazing, water and babies galore...well, life is a pleasure, why live in the sparse past?
  So are Earth-humans now moving over to a New Life Dispensation, wherein we find that life can be a green, luscious field, full of promise, with no fighting another in order to be fond of each other, or survive, and live as part of One-and-all Eternality.
  This “New Life” we call “The Fifth Dimension”, consisting of a New Earth...a new experiencing of earth life!

  Earth will not disappear, it will move on, but those and that living on it (at present in 3-D)  will experience earth on a new level, sort of “a new earth”, our 5th Dimension.
  In practice the “New 5th Dimension” has already come into existence and implementation here on earth: we have experienced the New Alignment to a New Universitality (universal living!**), having reached the crossover stage on 21:12:12, simultaneous with the re-alignment of earth to our Great Central Sun, Alcyone, and the Universe...thus, the bridge to newness has been put in place.
  Some of us have noticed the new crossover bridge, went over it, and so crossing into the New, the 5th Dimension, where life changes from within each, and everyone who chose to cross The Golden bridge starting a New Facing of life. Hence each and all that crossed over will view life more and more on new terms, new approaches to each other and to all life, living from within: it is...will if each one and all have been born again, have risen from the clutching control forces, unfair dark jail-cave and grave of the past.
  And those who do not cross over?  

  Well, the you-have-a-choice of humans and spirited life will and is respected herein i.e. no one will be forced into The New, no one will be coerced to follow the crossover path: each one will retain freedom of choice.

  What happens then to those choosing not to cross the bridge to New-ness?

  Well, they will not be forced into the New, not be forced to cross the going over bridge. Sure, they will be tempted, shown and lead to experiences bringing them to the crossover, but should they persist to choose not to be part of New Earth-humans, they will NOT become part of the New Earth-human. 

   How will this work?

   Those who choose not to become part of New Earth-human, have approximately eleven years...from 21:12:12 (and we are far into the 1st year) make the choice. Should they persist to opt out of the Newness, they will upon coming to death pass over to another life of similarity, on another life domain, where they will have the opportunity to develop on different terms as those who chose the New, Fifth Dimension, expansive life of Earth-humans.

  So, each one will choose for self.

  The Golden New has reached our horizon, and we can now choose and move on/forward within our individual choice.


** More to follow re our living as universal life form/s.

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It is possible to nów end life as an enjailed, Old-Earth human being!

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No 8 Friday , 25 Oct 2013

  There are plenty crocodiles in the large river (crocodile River) dividing Marloth Park Resort and The Kruger National Park.
  In the beginning of the resort there was no fence between the resort and the river, being the boundary between Kruger National Park and Marloth, however especially lions caused havoc, and a few deaths in the resort, so a fence was put up between the resort and the river/Kruger National Park. The fence keeps the crocs and dangerous animals at bay. However a fence is not always 100% safe. On the main road there are still two small dams with a board at each: “Beware of crocodiles; no swimming!”
  I would’nt swim there.

  In life we find there are always crocodiles around, wanting to drag you/me/someone to its mud marsh. It is not that they are always hungry, it is that they are indoctrinated in instigation by the ideas of the MONSTER OF OUR PART OF THE UNIVERSE...the passed over An-u...the has been ”God-the-Father” see to it that all Earth-humans stay in the muddy marsh of his bequest, which was termed “religion”...and anti-religion (!) earth-humans: this religion calls for pulling and keeping as many people possible into the marshy mud.
  They are also frequently the mud slingers of Old Energy, always ready for an argument...even fighting and war...which is aimed at luring...forcing/coercing one into their marshy den.
  My advice: stay away from their marsh, mud and dark waters full of hungry, indoctrinated  crocs; choose not to join in the/their mud fighting; choose not to live in the mud, planted by the Father Croc, An-u, who, like JHWH/Jehovah, was both God and Satan.
  Choose not to mimic a croc in life, choose not to partake in the you-are-my-enemy games, or dragging other Earth-humans to the Anu-planned marsh of subjucation.
  Stay away from the murky waters of partition religion: crocs flourish in murky waters.
  You/I/we are no longer mesmerized, drugged crocs of the An-u brigade; with his/their God IDEA; we can now move over to being a New and Free Earth-human, wherein, amongst others, each one will choose in freedom and freely voice his/her opinion, and no you-múst prescriptive ways/views/beliefs
[2] will have power over us any  longer.
  Should you decide/choose to remain/stay in 3-D, please do not imitate a croc, who wants to drag each and every other living person/being into the animositous, 2-pole, Atlantean binding...the history-inherited, polarity bindings some of you may not understand.
  The Big Crocodile, An-u, “God-the-Father”, the original Satan/Devil of our part of the Universe, is dead, passed over, gone, and his I-am-God has no power over us anymore, and are we not any longer called and instigated to seek to drag others into his murky croc pool/marsh/inheritance.

  It is safe and advised not to enter this muddy water/marsh! 

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Freedom has come to our shores! 

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[1] God and Satan: there was no Satan in the beginning time of Earth-humans, or Old Testament of the Bible: God JHWH was both the positive/god pole as well as the negative/”Satan” pole. The Israelites got the idea of a separate, negative entity from the Babilonians, and especially Zoroasterism, during their exile to Babilon, 580> BC.

[2] you-múst prescriptive ways: “You múst to this...”, “you máy not...”, “so says The Lord”, which, of course, is only the words of earth-humans calling it God’s words, or do you know how “God” spoke to earth-humans?


9. Saturday , 26 Oct 2013

 Friday, 25 Oct, was a zebra day: a herd of zebras came to visit us, all but one, a foal, ate from my hand: we have many pics: to follow on . They stayed for very long, then left, and later came back for another feeding and long stay. Most enjoyable. One even came onto the verandah (stoep) where we were sitting...didn’t want to depart. They seem the calmest of all the game.

  Amada Herman Collins writes: “Time comes to a standstill in Marloth Park.”

  From spiritual source we are told that time will lapse. We shall be removed from time...or time shall no longer be part of our existence in future.
  Not an easy concept to contemplate. I shall however rephrase Amanda’s words to: “One gets out of time at Marloth Park.
  We accept time...our time concept...and be a requisite part of our be part of all existence, universal, and cosmic. Physics says so, but, however, time is not fact, time is part of óúr invention, our illusion, part of the swindle of Earth-humans being chained to earth...only!  Time is, however, not universal. Our physics-views and “laws” are not universal either. We shall, as New Earth-human, move away, “out of” the state of being chained to earth and earthling views, and so time and how we are to view/approach earth/earthling views as the one and only.
  Once becoming interdimensional, we shall become aware that Universal life is very much more than earth life, expectation views and views based on belief/supposition. It does seem that the planned faith belief-views played the most part in bringing us to the belief that earth and Earth-humans are the centre of the cosmos, that the sun and universe circles around it’s centre, being earth; that Earth-humans are the  crown of “God’s” the way, I was as another life person, burnt alive at a stake, for believing and contesting the has-been faith view that the we-are-all, and centre-of-all-existence was “God’s word”. 
  Ok, we have been force-freed from the mentioned belief/acceptance, but we are still chained to the God- and supreme-it idea, which holds us back from progressing to being limitless, universal beings. ..which we were supposed to be; but/however, we were kept away from this boundless truth by the/our god-forebearers, who proclaimed themselves to be God to/of Earth-humans, and so brought us Earth-humans to accept hierarchy and hence total inferiority to thém, the ET’s of our beginning-time.
  It is this unjustified inferiority that we are now lead to free ourselves from, and to become respectful universal beings, in our New 5-D state.

Note: I find myself aware that I was twice burnt alive in previous Earth-human lives, for contesting the view that earth and  earth-humans are the centre of all life,  and, perhaps, I am still at it, leading My People to freedom from this misguided view of holding us cuffed to earth and the compulsions of the Earth-human gods.

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How will our life pan out without the/our present time?

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10. Sunday , 27 Oct 2013

  We will become Universal beings.
  What does it mean? What does it hold for us?
  I could say that firstly we shall now start to make contact and communicate with intelligent, Universal life forms, from whom we shall learn to take giant steps in universal life and thoughts.
  This Universal contact could be termed inter-dimensionality, as we now shall open to operating from our living dimension to other living dimensions.
  One then immediately asks, how will this universal inter-connectedness happen? upon which I answer that it will be via mind communication, which is at present called telepathy, thought transference, which includes imagery transference...communicating via mind, where not applicable, or not part of the contact.
  This mind communication is part of us, we are equipped for it, via our pineal gland, our “third eye”, based more or less between our two eyes. This portal of extra-communication has always been part of us, we were only mislead to not to use it...or were we conned to not using it?...ÁRE we still conned to not use it?

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Outside the cave of Plato, I not only saw full light, I also heard and saw the heavens.

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11. Monday, 28 Oct 2013

  I daily and often hear the call of the Fish Eagle here at Mashagadzi...the Crocodile River being near the lodge. One can therefore expect fish eagles to be around. Their exuberant  call/clarion sound is astonishing. Every time I hear the fish eagle’s exuberance, I wonder how I am to describe it in a few words...something like the triumph of a warrior, the life-is-great jubilance of a fish eagle?: how would yóú describe this extraordinary, beaming call of the fish eagle? Heloooow-helloooow, helloooow-helloooow,  helloow-helloow, hello!
  And should you not like this unique “talking” of the fish eagle, what will you do about it? Shut it down in some way? Call it vile names? Condemn it, like calling it Satan’s bird? Whatever, I come to ask, why do we want to get rid of earth-humans who dare to differ from our faith or views? Why, if someone says something that does not fit into my/our-group’s faith or views, do we condemn, insult and sodomize that person? Why can the different species of game live peacefully in nature, but we earth-humans cannot? What made us so intolerant? What got into us, wanting to crush anyone daring to differ from mé/us? Why do we flick our horns as soon as someone differs from us?
  In our present “heaven”, our after-physical-death life, earth-humans have progressed to remaining one-and-all, even after allowing each one to his/her own views and granting others the right to varied opinions: I am not suggesting it to be opposing views, nor is it brought into openness on a confrontational basis, no, it is brought into the open like each bird singing its song.

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I love the varied song of birds, and I am learning to love the worded views of other people.

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12. Tuesday, 29 Oct 2013

  “Your views are so totally different than mine.”
  In my younger years,  I would have (having been indoctrinated to mý God and mý religious-cultural views only) to play soldier of “God”, and would have started a war of words and/or a banishing contact cut-off against you. Now I have grown. I have grown to realize there are many types of game in the life wild, and all have a right to their own peculiar sound/s. I find all beautiful, even exitingly wonderful: yours too.
  I am not a fish eagle, nor do I have a lion’s roar, but my foreign, from-where-? words and content are part and parcel of the totality of human views. If my views are not human clad, I would accept all and any “war” against me and the message/content I bring, but I BRING A MESSAGE OF FREEDOM FOR AND TO MY PEOPLE, and just as Yeshua-“Jesus” of long ago, I find My/Our People are still too glued to the CONTROL IDEA of the ET’s of yonder years, who fooled earth-humans to accept thém as God and gods. ..and that we should/must worship antelope worshiping the lion family...!?
  Surprisingly I find that the present ET-ex gods do NOT want to play God to us anymore.
  I was amazed when ex God-Jehovah, YHWH, “spoke” to me...on many occasions, since 2010...telling me that he and others, including King Enlil/EL...the new king, after king, God-the-Father, An-u, passed not want to be our “God” or be worship object any longer, no, they want to help and see earth-humans...their from the God-IDEA, which came from their passed-over, control-freak father, King-God Anu.
  Those were the times and the ways of those yonder days, but it has now all passed over, it is gone, past, history. Both king Enlil and Prince Ishkur invited me to sit on the Golden Throne. I then declared it open to all My/Our People, as King Enlil put his arm around my waste and lead me to the Throne of Ruling.

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Let ús be “God”!: for we are all offspring of Eternality.


13. Wednesday, 30 Oct 2013

  Becoming part of the enveloping peace here, I found myself wondering how will it be if all the game looked the same and made the same sounds? Strange. Boring. And yet we cling to the idea that all Earth-humans múst be the same in bringing forth their sounds/views/beliefs/contribution. Why? Where does this notion come from?
  Well, if you said the ‘contact’ and prescriptions come from the boss-ET’s who planted CONTROL over us, at the time of them being on earth, we share the same opinion. We have become so accustomed to the control measures that we faithfully accept it as part of our lives, or as from-“God”...not that there is only one fact, Earth-humans accept and worship Millions of Gods, from stone, tree and snake to Earth-human, ape, and ET.
  Let me get this “from-God” straight once and for all: God did not talk to any human. God did not say all the opposing thoughts Earth-humans are proclaiming to be “God’s word”.
  I accept that the variations re God and gods are part of the divisionary plan of our father God/gods, to divide us as much as possible, working from the principle of divide-and-rule.
  Why not think about it this way?: the God-IDEA will come to a fall, we shall realize it was only an implemented, twisted IDEA to CONTROL us, and that the time has come for us to free ourselves from this binding/possession.
  I shall write more about this.   

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What if I tell you the “God” that communicates with Earth-humans is life forms in/from our Yonder Side?

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Friend, sure various opinions will come from our Yonder Side, our "Heaven", 4-D, for one is NOT compelled there to one opinion!


14. Thursday , 31 Oct 2013

On Wednesday,  as I came on the verandah/stoep, early morning, just after sunrise,  a zebra saw me and rushed to where I was. Six others followed.  They ate two packets of waver biscuits, then game-feed pellets,  then veggie skins. They even came back twice.
Then came a lone bull wildebeest, who did not come near, but chewed on the rumavite lick in front of the Lodge. Then came three warthogs, who simply did not leave. They stayed with the returning zebras for more than an hour. A day of many game visits followed. We adore it.

A friend writes: “Aruan, with all these changes in heaven-after-life, and with God-Anu not there, what happens to persons passing over who have transgressed?”

Transgressed? By whose laws or proclamations?

As King-Boss, God-the-Father, is there no more, has no say in our after life any longer, his tabled “transgressions”...”sins” of no more power, no prescriptiveness based thereupon, no judge who has a law book to decide on, no law book at all, and, hence, no judgment,  no right or authority to judge anyone who “arrives” there. Nothing of the sort at all: judgment does not exist in our afterlife/heaven anymore.
  So what is there now?
  Yes, grace.
  Total grace.
  Just grace.
  And this grace is found/based on total forgiveness,
  a unilateral forgiveness,
  no you-are-guilty and will be punished...
  no form of punishment anymore.
   Enemies, fiends and transgressors...based on old, 3-D terminology and inheritance from the shaaister God and gods...will find supreme grace by forgiving each other, after having brought to seeing that we Earth-humans were forced via deception to get at each other in all and any possible way. We shall there see the utter folly of our actions, which was based on the divisionary and  control tactics of the ET God and gods, who had, until the death of God-the-Father, An-u, only our submission as their aim. We shall and understand  the folly of their time, but also shall we see that it has brought about a strong Earth-human race, who can now decide on their own future. ..and had decided to take Earth-humans to a total different and elevated form of life.

Let us all rejoice in knowing that nów there is only grace on Yonder Side, grace for you, grace for me, grace for each and everyone, grace for all Earth-humans. Just grace.

What is waiting for us on Yonder Side?


Grace –for-all!…Grace –for-all!... Grace –for-all!
Grace –for-all!…Grace –for-all!... Grace –for-all!
–for-all!…Grace –for-all!... Grace –for-all!

Just grace.

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Why do My/Our People find it so difficult to accept grace for all!?

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15. Friday , 1 November 2013
The 3rd of November...or there roundabout, as it is not the 3rd on earth on a single day...a solar eclipse will be experienced. It is most important to Africa, as this eclipse will “fall” over the centre of Africa, Congo/DRC, etc.
  Our total energy comes from the various suns/Suns, also partially/finally/domestically streamed by our cosmic sun. An eclipse normally rings change, new energy.

The sun is simply the heart and brain of our little Universe.”; “Solar activity illuminates consciousness, causing old patterns to be consumed in Light:
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan; Time Delation Fields.

Solar activity”: From The Sun and Suns and our cosmos.
The Sun: The Eternal Sun.
Suns: Suns like the Middle Sun, Central Suns, our Great Central Sun, Alcyone,  in the Pleiades/Seven-Sisters.

We are expecting new energy during this time of adaptation/s to a New Dispensation. If Africa is to benefit by more change in the coming period, it is to be welcomed, and will influence us in South Africa, where we urgently need change!.
  Astrologists and others are, however, predicting happenings of great change during the 3-11-2013 eclipse. During January 2013 one said: “Major endings! Cold blooded murder; major impact on countries; birth of war!
  Let’s hope this energy materializes differently and softer to us.
  Whatever, it does seem that the period around 3 November will be very important to us.
  I some time ago, listened to a talk on solar eclipses, of the importance thereof, of the huge, significant showing on earth of the eclipse during the birth of Jeshua ben Josep, from whose life the “Jesus”, metaphoric story came. I understood solar eclipses to be of great importance.

Eclipses act like the fast forward button on your remote control.
” Eclipse is going to hit a part of our chart.”
” a lot of emotional healing will take place.”

[The Eclipses; Dana Mrkich.]

Archangel Michael says this in a recent channeling:
The cycles of upliftment will continue, and the greatest of these will happen over the next year and a half, while Earth is within the center of the galactic band.”
The Purity of the New Age Arises; by Meredith Murphy].

“We assure you that in 2013 a new sun has dawned... and it is indeed the sun of change.”; “What happens in 2013 and 2014 is the new beginning.:
[The Matrix of Ascension; Archangel Metatron, channeled by Tyberonn.]

Note: the eclipses can be viewed graphically on the site of NASA.

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We have a special solar eclipse on approximately 3 November.

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16. Saturday, 2 November 2013

  The beginning of November. A new month in this 1st year of New Earth-human experience,  the Golden-Bridge year, the New Year, the start of The Golden Human.
  I have chosen to be part of our newness; I have decided to be part of the newness explorers, I am taken to new vistas, a New Land, a new light filled experience, an all-changing Light Wonderfulness; a change-over of great extent.
  I am a feather in a fresh wind, I am taken to heights not dreamed of in the past, I am seeing myself as in a beginning vision:
  I saw a huge hive. I was drawn to it. In haste I went there, climbed into it.
  I slid down the interior and landed on the floor of a long, icy passage, with a light to be dimly seen far in front of me. I visioned myself wearing ice skating boots and involuntarilly started sliding over the untouched ice, then making speed. I saw a bright light coming from what could be the exit-entrance to the cave. I saw it as an/my exit, made up more speed and speeded over the last bit of ice: I took off as it were, was flying through the air. Then I was drawn to look up: I saw the “heavens”. I decided to follow my urge to go there, and I was going there. On my way upwards I saw a young lady, who is part of my spiritual heart, she wore a red, black and white polka dotted top, standing next to a gymnast contraption. I moved towards her.  She stood back, asking me if I wanted to try it out. I said yes and stepped towards the poles, took the crossbar with one hand and swung around it a few times, then I let go and immediately I was floating through space, where the gravity of earth had no effect on me. In quiet amazement and extreme calm I silently moved through space...I had entered The Universe!

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A New World, a New Living Experience, far beyond our dreams, is now right in front of us.

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17.  Sunday, 3 November 2013

  Thursday I arose just after 4h00. It was still dark. The animals and birds were still sleeping.  There was an electric power failure, so I had to light a candle. I was too lazy to search for a kettle that I could boil water in on the gas stove, so I had a homemade fruit and veggie slush. Thereafter I sat in a lounger and asked to make inter-dimensional contact. It was still dark inside, under the thatch roof.
  “What do you want to talk about?” came via my mind.
  I thought it over leisurely. “I want guidance re myself...and special people from our history, like Yeshua-‘Jesus’-Jeshua***...and did he and Yeshua come to be so developed so long ago?”: I was thinking about the tie between ‘Jesus’-Yeshua and myself, and the bond between uncle Buddha and myself.

 You ask about yourself, and then compare yourself on a hierarchical basis with a historical figure of the past, then jump to an illogical conclusion that you are inferior to that human life form from the past. This is totally unnecessary, and springs from your cultural and historical background, always viewing certain entities as ‘higher’ than you, thus bending down to your “Higher-than-we’ God concept views. We ask you thus now: ‘Do you accept the higher-than-you God/gods IDEA, or do you not?’
  We jump to a conclusion, and that is that we know full-heartedly that you do not accept the Anunian God, misleading IDEA/concept, so we suggest you train yourself in thought to stick to your acceptance, i.e.:
there are no gods above me
  Is there God?:
  No, no ‘God’ exists beyond your mind…via acceptance in your mind.
Are there anyone superior to you?:
  No, definitely not.
  Surely you are aware that King Enlil escorted you to the Golden Throne. So, why do you not accept your ruler--kingship in all and on a daily basis?
  Start now, and walk once again to the Golden Throne of life, this time by yourself, mount it, and be part of the kingship you and all Earth-humans are: you are equal to all; we are all one-and-all in the Universe of Life.” 

*** There was Yeshua ben Josep, (son of Josef) more or less in our year nil.
      From his physical life experiences flowed the metaphoric-mythical story of “Jesus”.
      Then there was Jeshua, who is the entity in our Yonder Side, who still is there,
       and is at present my Chief-Teaching Master.  

***  (break)

   It is via this throne that you can and will find your ‘greatness’ your vernacular. In fact, it is experiencing your universatality, your being king of kings.
  We are surprised that all of you are still being impressed by a literal interpretation of your Prodical-Son story, as if your ‘Father’ is greater than you. Why not view it this way?:
Í am my universal father.
  Let us analyze this a bit.
  Are you forever less than your father, staying a child for evermore? Can you only become king of life when your father passes over? Well, then we think i
t time that you always remember that your father-of-fathers, undoubtedly the father of all Earth-humans, your Father-God, An-u, has passed over, so it is now time for yóú to stand up and rule from the Golden Throne, be king, king of life, a ruler, a true father.
  We see/feel in your mind you questioning the social bindings of your present life, and it holding you back. We ask you to put alternate life circumstances in place, so that your life brings your kingship to flowering. 

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Are we kings who have been fooled to not be kings?

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18.    Monday, 4 November 2013 

  Saturday morning there was a large impala, lone ram...a driven-from-the-herd male, who became a threat to the leader herd ram and was driven out (naturally by force)...who ran at full speed past us, grunt-snoring loud, upset: he disappeared  between the bushveld trees.
  It now being time for me to share with you the ever fight between outcast rams and the ram leader of the herd.
  The leader ram lives under the illusion that He is the father of all the new-borns, but this is not fact, it is only his “belief/faith”: you see, his “faith” is rather large, based on an illusionary I-am-the Big-Father.
  At night the outcast rams work together: one approaches the ewes. The leader ram then chases the intruder, but, however, while he has left his golden herd of “wives”, the other rams charge in, and amongst “hello my beauties!”, they mate with the ewes. ..who seem to enjoy it immensely.
  This brings me to a point: FAITH exits, but is not necessarily part of the fact(s) of life!

   Aruan,  yes, there are many birds where you are at present, also many types, with plenty differences in color. You know what?, they all flourish, they have food, shelter...for those that need it...each one is an individual entity, with an individual sound or song.
  Earth-humans will now start moving on to being a varied spiritually colored specie,  but spiritually grounded; yes, each  Earth-human will begin to freely sing it’s own from-heart song, on an individual, unique, bias, no longer in a boxed, herded form, no longer as prescribed by an IDEA of a bossy controller-Prescriber, who has tainted the song of Earth-humans...fortunately not forever, for the jailed and curtailed plight-song of  Earth-humans have been heard, and all who can help, is busy helping Earth-humans towards a totally more completed life form, moving further in life development as the present 3-D, slave mentality, being a product of self-centred, planned mind-control of your cloning forebearers, who NOW no longer want you to believe they are your God and gods.
   Earth-humans have now began taking to the Golden Road of life, reflecting a Golden Fullness of Eternality...and, yes, your future life experiences will be from a spiritual crown grounding, which was always as part of you, but was reduced to a minor part of you: you were brought on a mislead path to act as physical slaves and not as non-physical, spiritual kings of life.
  Surely your toil to live will come to an end. Definitely your  physical earth crown will change to an internal crown, from whence no enslavement act/s will follow.
  Here us now: the hungry of Earth-humans will be hungry no more, the frail will not be frail any longer, as you are Beings of Eternality, who are never frail or hungry. Poverty will exist no more amongst you: it does however nót entail that you all will be dragged back to your old living style by heavy bags of money and/or possessions, for, as the birds live and sing their song in freedom, you will also experience full freedom, without the slave-mentality, planned money and possessions bogey.
  We ask you not to go into war against the God-and-gods ET’s of your past; please accept them as fore-bearers from a different place and time, with a particular development, flowing from war and enmity of olden times, who have now also seen and was brought to the light/Light, and urges you on to develop on own grounds, to a unique life form, free of hierarchy, overlord-gods, prescriptive slavemasters and many other taking-you-down-the-drain ways: may you all now see and experience the Light of all life!   

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The new Earth-human will be a king of life!

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18.    Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Game at Marloth Park, bordering the Kruger National Game Park

 Marloth Park has a unique way re game. Non-dangerous game...(to Earth-humans)...wander freely in the Park/reserve area, where each owner has a private, secluded, bushed area,  with his/her house on a small, cleared portion Mashagadzi Lodge.
  Then there is a further, game-fenced, separated, game-only park, in die middle of Marloth development,  where also the Big Five wander freely: the last rhino has however at this point of time been killed by poachers.
  When sitting around an outside fire at night, one hears the growl and roar of the huge male lion: it gives one the experience of having lions as part of the Marloth bush experience.
  Sounds like a part of New-Earth...or a part of heaven.  

Our New Earth is in progress.
The New "Heaven" is now in transfer.
"Heaven" to be taken up by each one individually.

Question is then...from the previous placement: WHAT IS HEAVEN?

"Heaven" is what we call the 4th dimension of our world...
...we AT PRESENT living in the 3rd dimension.
The 3rd D being our physical world.
The 4th D being our non-physical world; our Other Side, where our passed over spiritual living entities congregate...”live”! and then re-incarnate from.
It seems not to be a physical place, but a place of energy congregation, full of life, but non-physical.
It is a congregation/grouping sphere of non-physical forms.
"They are but light entities," a passed over friend, Zaag, tells me from there.
”From afar it looks like a grape vine of lights.”

You see, we all ARE light forms.
We originate from light.

Perhaps I should go back a bit.

In the Beginning the Eternal Light was there.
Just was.

And from It sprang light.**

The light that spread forth from the Eternal may be described as a Beginning beam of light
(the size of which we do not know, nor can we measure or ascertain it)
but the light was probably there,
and with it The Light.

The light expanded. 

From the light...out of/enhanced by the light (thus also the Light)...grew life.

First, it is guessed, there came into being/life non-physical life. "Spiritual" only in content.

These non-physical life ( as a whole) extended as a group, just as life.

Then, after a very long time, non-physical life came into existence.
Then individual, non-physical life forms came into being.

These could only have emanated from the Eternal Light;
so it may be expressed as extractions of the put it into words.

This expanded.

In the Beginning, from the movement of the light and the subsequent heat variations, physical movement took place...
ie the cooking ‘pot’ of existence started warming up.
Movement of physical particles took place.
And collisions.
And merging, mixing, splintering, boiling, freezing, etc, etc.

Then...very much later...the individual light form entities...or groups of light entities...began to expand in life experience.

I can complicate the matter by inserting CREATOR GROUPS, like Creators, "Arch Angels" (“Building Contractors”), Helpers, Righters, etc, but I wish to keep the intro as simple as possible at this stage, so I am bypassing the aforementioned..

Thus: from the non-physical/"spirit" entities began the forming of physical elements and life forms, let us say stars, planets, etc.

But: we have to note here I am saying: "from the non-physical/'spirit' energy/ies began the forming of pure physical elements and life forms..."...planets, stars, etc, also holding non-physical energy, but on a different basis as Humans.
This entails that these physical elements and life forms contain also non-physical/'spirit' part, or nucleus...soul...developing from the non-physical life fountain.
Varying degrees of this non-physical/'spirit' part became part of the new physical life forms. It could be said "Spirit" is in all; it is the essence of life.

But, and very much later, the, now reasonably progressed non-physical/'spirit' life fountain, moved to forming individual, physical life entities.

As the physical elements and life forms contained/contains also a core of non-physical/'spirit' life;
so the physical, individual life forms would also contain/encompass non-physicality...
a non-physical/'spirit' part, or nucleus...'soul'.  

It may be described as a double yolk egg of life.
The double yolk referring to the non-physical 'soul' and the physical life essence.

It can thus be said that life forms like that of Earth-humans are double yolked.

** Note: There was not necessarily a "Big Bang" explosion. This term is not faith based, nor did it originate scientifically: it was coined by a British radio commentator, during the Fifties.

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We Earth-humans are part of double-yolk life form/s.

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: All messages/writings/publishings herein are copyrighted by Aruan-Don from South Africa.
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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Game and animals

Mashagadzi Lodge there is a co-inhabitant in the building/house, a Night-ape/bush-baby/galago, which is a small ape type, jumping from branch to branch and tree to tree.
On our arrival there was no sign of the Lodge’s bush baby. On Saturday night we had a ‘braai’/meat-burn with the owners of Mashagadzi...outside, of course, sitting around a fire. Heavenly.  
  The bush and grass have turned green overnight. Since the winter and no-leaves trees, the bush-baby was not seen. I was the first one who saw the little lady Friday night, jumping towards the roof of the building. We were in joy. Soon all could see her. We guess she/he has a newborn baby, because she went and came back regularly. We guess she is either feeding a baby or preparing a place for this.
Note: This little animal is seen only overnight. In our local language, “Afrikaans”,  it is called a “nag-apie”, which, in direct translation means “night-little-ape”, which it truly is.

On Tuesday morning, 5th November,  a large herd of giraffe, more than 15, grazed around Mashagadzi Lodge, where I was writing-typing on the stoep-verandah. Elbie took some pics.
After lunch we moved inside, writing with the aircon on, as it was very hot here. A few
guinea-fowl  did not like it: they stood in front of the Lodge building and made a helluva noise. One came to the glass door and pecked it with force until I gave them something to eat. They came back later, repeating the demand show. One came to the kitchen window, jumped against the window pane a few times.
I easy going tortoise came by and seemed to calm them down.

I am making good progress with my book; now at the chapter, “God”.

I want to take a development route.

Life did not start on earth.

Earth is but app 4,6 billion years in existence.
Our universe it is guessed exists app 200 Billion years.

And all life was transmigrated to other, newer life non-physical or physical domains,
as and after these came into existence, or were formed: “Cosmic Seeding” I like to call it.

So, via cosmic seeding, double yolk-ed life came to earth
and double yolked life forms were planted on earth...
say app 400,000 years ago: who knows how long ago? We all are guessing.

Then the non-physical Pleiadeans colonized earth, which later lead to a large group of them placed on Lemuria?...or is it Og?...from which sprung Atlantis.

Then came a human life form group to the fore...the official An-u group of Nibiruans,
colonizing earth,
and in time creating a life form on earth
similar to theirs,
but far lesser in capabilities and possibilities.
They called it “man”. I prefer the term “Earth-humans”.
The male dominating expression of both genders on earth no longer meets the need.

They were called “the Annunaki”.
And they sort of created earth-humans,
by and via genetic engineering,
in a very manipulative way,
so that they would have control over these earth-humans,
in the short and long terms.

These earth-humans were a double yolked form of life.

in order to enhance control of these earth-humans,
the Annunaki/Nibiruans devised a plan to split the life yolks of earth-humans
they removed/split/separated firstly the non-physical life yolk of their earth-humans
and placed it in a separated sphere, dimension
...the 4th of earth living dimensions.

Earth-humans were anchored and placed in the 3rd dimension of earth,
the non-physical/'spirit' part of earth-humans were placed in the related 4th dimension of earth.

Thus earth-humans' physical and non-physical/'spirit' part was separated.

to keep control of earth-humans,
the control/main part of earth-humans (our “Higher Self”)  was anchored in earth-humans' 4th dimension,
which is called "heaven" by Earth-humans.

When born, and re-born, to/on earth,
the earth-human had to obtain a non-physical/'spirit' part from the 4th dimension/'heaven'.

The earth entity, the earth-human,  thus had to be given/attached a non-physical/'spirit' part, called "soul", by 'heaven', the non-physical congregation of earth-humans.

This put the 4th dimension/'heaven' sort of “higher” and in charge of 3D Earth-humans..

And it can be seen that after this it would be easy for the manipulative Annunaki to take charge/control of earth-humans, by simply staying in charge of the 4t dimension "heaven".

And this they did. The Annunaki took control of man right from scratch, via earth-humans' 4th dimension/"heaven".

And even up to today the Annunaki's devious control plan of man is in place and working.

[Aruan-Don 20

The control of the Annunaki of our “Heaven”
(both the physical heaven, OLAM, and subsequently also our non-physical heaven which followed)
was however terminated after the death of “God-the-Father” An-u.  
Thanks for that.
Baai-baai, Oubaas!

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  1. Thursday, 7 November 2013

Game visits: Sunday two impala rams had a friendly horn-fight in front of where I was sitting on the stoep/verandah of Mashagadzi Bush Lodge, which lasted for more than 15 minutes.  I enjoyed it, especially that it was sort of a private show for me, definitely not a real fight, but so preparing for it.
  Later the day, 2 guinea-fowl  had a real fight, an interesting one: they jumped up in the air, nearly a meter high, then bumped each other with the chest...hard. The fight did not last long, the looser running away, but then the rest of the herd followed en haste, as if to see the fight continuing, or what happens next: I could not see further, as they moved into the bush.
  Is it the extra energy (solar eclipse) influencing also the animals?
  At dusk, as we were about to light the evening, outside, open fire, three giraffes chose a tree for grazing twenty metres from where we were sitting: go to Mashagadzi Lodge’s site for pics thereof. They were in no hurry. They stayed there till we could see them no more.

The Annunaki

You see, as principle part of the ET-Annunaki's control of man, only a minor portion of the non-physical core of earth-humans (the "spirit") was given (put in) to earth-humans, as they were reincarnated/reborn to/on earth.
Mostly only 50% of the non-physical core energy ('spirit') was put into an individual born on earth.
The other part remained in the non-physical 'heaven'...another form of control.

Earth-humans were/are thus not purely double yolked.
From the beginning of their formation, earth-humans' 4-D yolk was minimized,
so as to be less than the intended yolk size of humans in general,
and being and remaining inferior to the controlling yolk part ('spirit'/”Higher Self”) remaining in 'heaven':
in fact earth-humans were engineered by the Annunaki not to be double yolk-ed,
but to be a 1.5 to .5 ie 1.5 in Yonder side, removed and in control, and only .5 on earth.
The individual on earth was so and thus CONTROLLED
by the CONTROLLED, PRESCRIBED other, larger yolk half ('spirit') in 'heaven'.
We call this other half, who remains in 'heaven', our "Higher Self”.

Who was/is really in charge of us whilst being in earth life.
I have for a long time vehemently criticized the use of the term "Higher Self...
I suggested "our Home Self":,
as there exists no such a thing as "Higher"...
all life is equal, all being extractions from Eternality
I can now however see that it was intended by the Erath-human-creating Annunaki to be sold to us as "Higher",
it in application being "higher",
which will NOT form part of the New Earth-human. 

So the/our "Higher Selves" MÚST/will be removed.
Most definitely.
It stands at the core of Annunaki control of earth-humans and of the New Earth-human.

But: how will this take place?, I always wondered.
Then, at a stage, it all happened to me, the personal change-over, and I saw how all could easily be changed,
how earth-humans could NÓW take control of their lives,
become independent of the Annunaki CONTROL, rooted in the old heaven ways.

My experience was as follows: ....

 [Aruan-Don 21
Internet: [ ] 

We are now moving to core freedom!: This will entail that we come free of the 2-D/animal background our genetic engineers tied us to, also fee from the 4-D CONTROL via our “Higher” Selves.

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  1. Friday, 8 November 2013

Game visits: Sitting Sunday in the shade of the front-yard trees in front of the verandah/stoep of Mashagadzi, I saw a highly colorful snake-like thing moving up a tree, right in front of me, just out of the clearing of the front “yard”/clearing.
I had guests, who were taking an afternoon nap, so I did not want to go in and search for the binoculars.
  It was ‘n blue-head cockamander/tree-lizard/agama, with a golden body with a brown hue: it was waiting for a prey on a brown branch of the tree. The head was huge, looking like a huge snake. I would be careful of this beautiful reptile. Its overall length was app 12>18 inches.
  A lone bushbuck came into its territory, but the blue head was quiet, obviously just watching. The bushbuck tried the green grazing below the tree. I don’t think it saw the reptile.

Note: When we came here two weeks ago, it was very dry, with hardly any greenness around, but after the rain, the green turnaround is indescribeable.
  This I also experienced in Namibia,  in the desert surrounding Henties Bay, during my first  “Revelations” visit...(communications with Spirit Contactees re the New Earth-human), during 2011, my first of three such quietness in the Desert writing-trips, jotting-writing the books Revelations 23 (2011), Rev 24 (2012) and Rev 25 (2013), which I intend to have published in English and Afrikaans. It sort of never rains the Desert. The night we arrived, it rained, and three times threafter: not much, but enough to cause damage on the roadside, etc. When we left Henties Bay, after three months, 2011, the desert was green, which is a rare face to see.

 Back to “God-the-Father” and his rule over Earth and Earth-humans:

An-u, king of Nibiru,
who was firstly and officially called "God-the-Father",
was a strong master-controller;
he took control of all,
also our 4th dimension, "heaven"...
of course via Nibiruan loyalists and earth-human individuals,
who blindly accepted him as "God" and Supreme Master,
and his Annunaki partners as gods/"God".

Who could and would question God,
or the gods,
or a particular God?

Firm CONTROL measures were thus set up and implemented in earth-humans' 4th dimension/"heaven".

Note: All was not quiet and peaceful at all times in this heaven:
many wars took place in "Heaven": see "Wars in Heaven".
I am of the opinion that I was part of it, seeking freedom for “My People”.

But during the ages Earth-humans on the "heaven" side became aware of the control motive and set-up.
An-u and Co were however too strong to change "heaven" drastically and/or remove or soften the control.
Progress towards more freedom for earth-humans did occur,
also after fighting and war;
but An-u and co and their control-master set-up remained in place.
As an example:
man had to be reborn (reincarnated),
each time starting from scratch,
with memory of previous lives wiped clean.
This certainly was/is not fair to Earth-humans,
as progress of the individual and race is thus curtailed.
But not much could be done about it.
There are much more not much could be done about...
...the God-bosses were firmly in control.

Then, app the year 2,000 AC, something drastically happened,
An-u, ruler of our part of the universe, king of heaven and earth,
“God-the-Father” of Earth-humans, died.
He passed over to the non-physical world.

An-u was called on the red carpet (in The Other Side...'heaven') to re-create what he had done, set it right as far as Earth-humans are concerned...towards freeing Earth-humans.
I think other life forms, from other  living terra, are involved too.
An-u could never turn around what he and his group established...nor would he, it became blatantly clear, as he started re-organizing to control our “Heaven”/4-D. 
Subsequently An-u and his controlling group were removed from earth-humans' "heaven".

The change to the New Man and the New Heaven was at hand.
It was decided that all-as-one would strive and work together towards a New Heaven and a New 'Man'/Earth-Human.

The trillions of changes to bring this process about is kicking in at present.

A part of "heaven" has some time ago already "come down to earth" to start the ball rolling here
the huge change to be planned, implemented and processed.
All this happening with and at the same time as the planet earth is was moving towards its cyclical New-Earth changeover.

The hypothetical and symbolic date for this was 21-12-21.**

I wish to state that not all would or did change within a minute on this date,
but is a major tread-over date,
a time of crossing a border from the Old to the New....a turnaround.
How exactly the racket will strike the ball I do not know as yet.

But a New Earth is approaching
and so is a New Earth-human also approaching;
one where "heaven will come down to earth"
i.e. 'heaven' will become one with Earth-humans on earth, in earth life:
those non-physical life forms (Earth-humans) living in 'heaven'/4th-dimension, will become part of 3-D Earth-human. Also the “angels”, Masters, ao.
The life status and experience of Earth-humans herewith going from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension,
taking with it the 4th dimension life forms, which we call 'heaven',
which apparently is a physical science fact...I suppose quantum physically reasoned.
Thus, 'heaven'...4th Dimension...will become one with Earth-humans in the New Earth, the 5th Living Dimension:
there will be no separated and controlling 'heaven'/4-D any longer!
Thus also no reincarnation, as we experienced it to date, will fall away.

Closing note: without CONTROL of and from our “Heaven”, after-physical-“death” congregate place, Earth-humans cannot be controlled: this is a cruxial fact of these matters.

** There is very much more to the enormous changes around 21-12-2012 and thereafter, which will arch up to 2020.

[Aruan-Don 21
Internet: [ ] 

We will become NEW!!! And FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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22. Saturday, 9 November 2013

Monday, the 4th, Elbie and I were alone again, here at Mashagadzi.  We took it calm, rested. Late afternoon we had a first visit by a large family:
* a mother warthog with 7 babies, just starting to walk.
* With them their father,
* and auntie 2nd wife.
  The siblings did not eat the game feed, mother needed it and grunted in pleasure.
  Dad formed the rear guard, with auntie grabbing whatever she could get.
  It was a wonderful experience: glad to may share it with you.  

Back to the gods

I do not think it is difficult to understand so far.
But now comes the problem:

So, once again:
how does the New Heaven become part of 3-D Earth-humans?
How can Earth-humans NOW take control of their lives?

Well, as time passes, and the New Set-up is established, all new born Earth-humans will have been adapted and DNA-ed to the terms of the New Earth and New Earth-humans.

But what happens in the mean time?

This was a thorny question for me.
Then came the morning of 9-10-10, being a portal opened, stargate period, ie 10-10-10.
When I woke and quietened down, on the “stoep”/verandah, towards meditation,
a broad band of light came towards me, locked onto my forehead, from the top.
And is just sat there.
I wondered what it was or meant.
It stayed there all day.
I felt good. 

Here is an example of “Heaven on earth”:

I was awoken in the middle of the night, Saturday>Sunday, wide awake, when I became aware that the topic of love “was put in” my consciousness overnight...OK, it might have been part of sub-consciousness activity during my sleep, but, then it is probably also super-consciousness activity...
Consciousness activity:

1. consciousness;

2. sub-consciousness;

3. super-consciousness.

Are you aware of number 3, Super-consciousness?

Are you using it? experiencing via it?

[Aruan-Don 22
Internet: [ ] 

We will change permanently!

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22.1  Saturday, 2nd posting

There is no struggle necessary with anything or anyone!

22.2:  When I wrote, “There is no struggle necessary with anything or anyone!”, I tread on many toes, also my own... You see, I firmly accept and believe what is written therein, but I find My People...even those close to not want to let go of “the struggle” with other people, family, people who believe differently, people who look differently, God and gods of other people, people with different skin color or from a different race...yes, I find people WÁNT TO STRUGGLE WITH OTHERS!


  1. Sunday, 10 November 2013

I was to write further, but then, during a night, an Elijah-vision came to me; not the same as in the Bible.
In my vision, someone, or Elijah, comes down the steps and lays the dead child (boy) in front of mý feet.
The vision stops there.

Naturally I did not know what it meant. I knew it was important though.
Late afternoon I took a nap.
During sleep the vision was replayed in my mind.
(did I have intimate discussions with my Master-Teacher, Jeshua, while sleeping?)

I realized it did not refer to a call to physical erect the dead boy,
but I am to call on Earth-humans to let Earth-humans
(represented in the metaphor by the dead boy...the young Earth-human group/race)
to be aware that..:
the gods are no longer there to raise the dead one/ young one in hope from death.
With the gods away, and not in a position to steer/help humanity any longer, the dead...the young New-human laid at our own feet...yours and mine!
It is now up to ÚS to take responsibility for the dead race/’boy’ in front of our feet;
it is our duty calling,
it is our mission in this life now laying in front of us.
Yes, if I...see the dead boy in front of your feet,
know it is your calling to get the dead young one (Earth-human race) out of death.

The gods are dead...for all practical reasons.
'God-the-Father' is dead...
that was An-u, of course;
but that was repeatedly discussed in many previous chapters.
And An-u was chief "God".
He was "God".
And he is dead.
So, surely I may say:
'God' is dead!
(we cannot argue it any longer, or evade it another minute: we have to face it, the "God" of our inheritance is dead).
(I know it still upsets many persons, but it is an inescapable fact, which múst be accepted,
for Earth-humans to become free from the God-slavery and misleading of An-u and his Annunaki).

We are subsequently in a dead position,
but we are carried to the feet of OURSELVES...
no more gods/'God' from yonder to call on to accomplish the impossible,
no more 'heaven', Jesusses, Al'ha's, Gods, Holy Ones or Master-in-White, Buddha or whoever to do it for us:
the precious body is now in front of my feet...YÓÚR FEET (!),
calling and begging from prostrate-ness to be raised from the dead.

Are you ready and willing
to help me and other Earth-humans
raise the mislead, lied-to, as-good-as-spiritually-dead Earth-human race
from the death we were lead to,
bound to and mislead by the self interested and self-as-God gods of Nibiru?

[Aruan-Don, in co-operation with Jeshua-“Jesus”.]

Internet: [ ] 

We are to raise ourselves from our death fondness and chaining.

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. Monday, 11 November 2013

  The bird life is special here in the bush, many and various.  We are beginning to identify them, after we discovered bird- and animal books right here at/in Mashahagdzi Lodge, at Marloth Park. The Owner then brought me The Sasol Bird Book, which has all the birds. He tells me though that there is an “Apps” E-book available of this book, with even the bird sounds available via it. Sounds great.

Soon we shall have a single book to identify all Earth-humans: it will be named One-and-All.    
  The One-and-All principle is already operative in heaven, so we might as well say our coming One-and-All will be “heaven”.
   But what exactly does “One-and-All” herein entail?
   Is there a reader/friend who can give us more directions in this regard?


From JeHoVaH, YHWH, Prince Ishkur:

Hear  me today: Wé bound you, and wé shall come and release/free you from this god-cuffs...soon!

I shall not come as God. I do not contact with present Earth-humans to come to rule as God over you, or to overrule you. I do not want/ask further DIVISION via our God-IDEA.
I ask no one to view and uplift me as God over other has-been gods, life forms or Earth-humans, in dream views, which are viewed as laughable in the Universe. I ask that you be-rid yourselves of the faith books of past/olden humans, in fact, get rid of all and anything that have or may lead  to further DIVISION of Earth-humans, also whatever in future keep you away from contact with other life forms...universatality, and so also us and your present non-physical area...4-D.
The last mentioned will cease to exist...yes, your non-physical “Heaven” will be phased out in the New Dispensation. Both your present Heavens (more divisionary ideas!) will lapse. So you shall in the near future be brought to a point that you no longer will accept us...your past god/ “God”, nor worship us, nor fear us...both being actions which are totally unnecessary.”

"and along this way you will LIVE LONGER, even though you are at this point of time not willing, in cuff-bounding, to see it as fact and beneficial to you all."

[via Aruan-Don 24

A “God” from our past “speaks” to us. May he?

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24.1 Monday, 11 November 2013

During the 3 November and roundabout there period of the eclipse and sun, moon and planet stances, I said that time varies as the sun "travels" over earth, and that I would expect the experiences therefrom to be with us until Friday, Nov 8th. Little did I know that that would be the day that the great energy of the period would hit me....

  I thought everything was OK in my life these days, so, when I read on various channeling and messages on that the beginning of November eclipse period would be a cleaning out time, I read it, took note of it, but ignored it.

  I wrote that I would expect the strong energy to be a forcefully around us, but did not expect it to be forcefully around mé: I was at wife and I..., we were/are at a most peaceful place, I was delving into worlds of unimaginable pioneering, I simply did not expect anything to throw me out of the boat during this time of very strong changes...


  You see, I read from various New Energy writers that we all have dross/leftovers/rumbles/negative-energy of the Old Binding Time and Ways that is still ín us, with us, part of us, causing unbalance as a New Earth-Human...dirty spots on our new clothes. I did not think it was applicable to mé. Then, on Friday, November 8th, it hit me. Hard. Deep inside me. Shockingly hard.

  I knew I had to deal with this, bring it out, face it...also what is still hurting me deeply and very much...and work through it, so that it can be put aside in my life. I find (not 'found") it hard. Very hard. Yes, I am still finding it very hard, and although I do not have anyone...who I think will understand...I can discuss it with openly with, I HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS...I HAVE TO CLEAR THIS SLYMY DROSS OUT OF MY LIFE... 

[[to follow...I shall share it]]

 You see, whatever anyone says, the "dross" is heavy, smothering stuff. It is like a huge rock in your "inside", which grows fast. In the New Energy it has to be tackled, brought to the surface, worked through, become clean water in our insides.
  Now, having my huge dross unexpectedly brought to the surface, I am immensely sore in my "soul", I feel the hurt, the inhumaneness. I pain. And I thought it was all over...gone...past tense...but, no, it exploded to the surface of my being on Friday night, which I wrote is the last day of the eclipse, with its heavy cleaning out energy.
  Unplanned I was/am in it: a fire emitting volcano exploded. 


Cry for me, fellow Earth-human,
cry for Earth-humans, all Earth-humans.

How do we free ourselves from the gross bonds of the mislead past?
How do we free ourselves of the unnecessary piles of rubbish thrown over us?
How do we help each other coming free?
How do we hold the hands of those bearing the grunt of unnecessary dross,
loads of burden-making IDEAS, starting with the IDEA of IDEAS, God!?;
all unnecessary,
a load of bull,
which has lead Earth-humans to worship being slaves,
calling the Slave-Master IDEA "God".

Hear, My People,
it is inside us,
our freedom from this bondage of lies and deceit lies within us...
in our heart-minds,
in us being Eternal Beings
on a learning purpose on Earth of present struggle,
taking Earth-humans to the freedom of being Universal Beings.


Eugene duP writes: What I will add tothis is that Aruan has captured the dialectical mental struggle of the process caused by increasing frequency waves and which has been a constant onslaught of waves incoming for a number of years. The current onslaught of a much higher frequency and severity of volume and it won't end up.
The Divine process to heave Gaia to the 5th D is what's transpiring in all lives and people will either be able to raise frequency or drop bodies as we move closer into the 5th dimension and out of 4th D.
  Duality is the standard of 3d and we are straddling different worlds and to be able to ascend/ transform our bodies in crystalline bodies we need to be able to allow all dross from the past to dissolve.
  All perceptions are mere perceptual illusions in this illusionary world we call 3d life. They come from now and many lives lived. These different lives, although we refer to them as past, are all illusions of the space time matrix of 3D, and in fact are all existing in the nów. We are multi-dimensional beings, and straddle all these lives and timelines simultaneously, for maximum gain ito experience for the soul and the soul monad. This is the whole point of 3d.

We have been captured through the dark and their control system a long time ago. The control mechanisms are so strong and mentally embedded in our minds that we have become completely trapped within our beliefsystems around religion, money, sex , abundance deserveability, power politics etc and all these aspects of control have removed us from our true divine self , nature and abilities. We have completely forgotten who we are and been fed information of everything what we are nót.

Ascension into the 5th dimension is at hand. The collective consciousness will reach a tipping point and all systems will then fall apart. And thereafter beings here will either lose their bodies to be reincarnated into another 3rd d expression here or on another planet of 3d, or be transformed to the new 5D world.


Thanks, Eugene. I go with all you say. Well put. ...Aruan


14-11-13: I do not know if this is world-wide, but I find that in my culture, part of South African, christian cultures, a large chunk of My People find it allowable and acceptable to lie, insult and call for the crucification of someone who dares to differ strongly with the controlling/ruling cultural view...or part of it.  Anything is permitted in this crucification process, even slandering the “rebel” as “mad”: ”Crucify him/her!”...has become a pillar of justification to call on others to join in the killing act and demand, facts not important herein at all...emotion  most welcome.


Let us look into this crucify-him/her demand more closely.
  Daily we are confronted with someone (a family member, friend, etc) calling or writing, telling us how “bad”** so and so is and what “bad”, “terrible” thing this person has said about me or done to me. “Can you believe it!?” as to ask the 3rd party for support, calling one to combined action against the alleged trespasser, etc. And what do we do?...those that get these call-ups. We go with the flow, we side with the caller, not interested in hearing the other side of the story, no, we are trained and conditioned to join ranks in “Crucify him!”, so we contact a further person, and we convey the one-sided, sordid story, and we call up the next contacted one to join ranks in crucifying our brother, sister, mother, father, family member, friend and whoever comes along.
  What a way to handle our rubbing against each other as experiencing Earth-humans. What a way to be part of the “Crucify him/her” battalions of a confused followers of the God IDEA and the Christ-Jesus metaphoric derivation therefrom.
  Is there another way?
  ”Yes,  definitely,” says Jeshua from Yonder, “there is!”: see his Neutrality Message, which is available in Afrikaans, on . I shall publish the English translation later today...go to “English” on mentioned site.
  Oh, by the way, in the Jesus mythical-metaphoric story, Jesus was not condemned to being crucified based on facts, no, the highly emotional crowd demanded him to be crucified, not being interested in facts.
  And so we daily cry for and demand third parties join in, shouting and canvassing: “Crucify him/her!” It has no bearing on our faith or spiritual conviction.
  Ever asked why? 

By the way, there is not really something “bad” or a “bad” Earth-humans, or a “bad” deed. These are fictitious. It is part of a hoard of well planned divisionary ideas, what was planted over and between Earth-humans, to DIVIDE us...keep us divided. There is no universal something as “good” or “bad”, “right” or “wrong”, “elected” or “condemned”, etc. These are polarization IDEAS put into our minds and over  us like a satanic blanket.


  We have been conned, caught and indoctrinized by an ET Life form long gone, to live in divisionary form,  via IDEAS that was brought into play to CONTROL us via our mind/s. Taking it further, they declared their King to be “God-the-Father”, from Ishmael’s controlling idea of God, and although he has since passed over, Western Earth-humans cling to his commands, prescriptions and injustices as “The-Word-Of-God”, accepting his/their divisionary and controlling IDEAS as not to be questioned. We are also conditioned to act against anyone who dares to challenge these IDEAS of the long gone Gods of olden times. 
  Why must we play dirty and without rules against anyone differing from the misleading IDEAS of the Gods?


(for the English translation, just see below the Afrikaans version):

Wie mag wat glo!...Who may believe what?

 Snaaks genoeg, glo baie in mense  sommige drome-stories, soos Josef (van Genesis) s’n, ook Maria en Elizabeth s’n, en ook voorspellings, “visioene” en allerhande, sogenaamde nie-wetenskaplike dinge. Terloops, is hul benadering gebaseer op die grondslag dat die Bybel en ander geloofsboeke vrygestel is van “wetenskaplikheid”, en die inhoude daarvan vrylik aanvaar en ruim vertolk mag word, solank óns dit nie doen nie!?
  Maar dan gaan hierdie net-óns-mag-hierdie-dinge-glo aanvaardinge/aanmatigings veel verder, soos bv in die gevalle van  Nostradamus, ons eie Siener van Rensburg, en andere: maar wanneer iemand soos jy, Aruan-Don, dit durf waag om jou ervarings en sienings te deel, word jy...en andere soos jy...veroordeel, afgeskryf, mal verklaar, en word daar geroep dat jy gekruisig word. Gelukkig is daar nie meer brandstapels nie, so jy is darem daarvan gevrywaar.

  Ek is nie so diep betrokke soos jy, Aruan-Don, met hierdie dinge nie, dus, al wat ek sê is hou aan in wat jy glo en ervaar en pen dit maar vas vir wat sal volg, tw, mense sal nog daarna kyk en dan voortbou op wat jy doen.
Alle sterkte
Jack E.


English version:
  Strange enough, many people believe stories of dreams, like that of Joseph (of Genesis), also that of Mary and Elizabeth, also prediction, visions and all sorts of non-scientific content. By the way, is there approach based on the acceptance that the Bible and other faith books are exonerated from scientific restrictions, and that the content of these faith books may be freely and broadly accepted, as wé do not do it!?
  But then this only-ús-may-believe-this approach goes much further, as in the case of Nostradamus and South Africa’s Seer van Rensburg, and others: but someone like you, Aruan-Don, dares to share your experiences and views, all is called upon to crucify you. Luckily there are no burning stakes anymore, so, at least, you are saved from that.
  I am not so deeply involved re these matters as you, Aruan-Don, therefore, all I am saying is  keep on believing and experiencing in yóúr way and get it on record,  for what is to follow, people will look at it and build on it.  
Best wishes.
Jack E


2 Dec 2013
This is what I received from my spiritual guides:
Writing about our spiritual experiences, we are inclined to mostly bring forth text, not sharing a real life story/happening(s). To really share spiritual experiences, is to make it music, through the medium of emotion, and taking our emotional, spiritual experiences into the New Dimension of New, Boundless Feeling Life!

This week, 1ste Dec 2013, I am reaching the end of my free stay a remote, bush lodge, , bordering the Kruger National Park, at Marloth Park, in Mpumalanga, South Africa.
Here I experienced peace, quiet and really many game, they or us coming very near to them. It is a glorious experience, with game here being aplenty, and getting really near Earth-humans..
My book is firstly written in Afrikaans, from South Africa, being my mother tongue. Should it be accepted for publication by a South African publisher, I shall translate the book to English, the title being CONTACT WITH OUR “HEAVEN”...part one of a New-Earth-human series.
The books being content I received from my Spiritual Accompanyment, whilst visiting the Skeleton Coast of Namibia, for the permitted 3 months a year, during 2011, 2012 and 2013.
Book 1 incorporates my background leading to this and was given to me as Revelations 23...the Bible ending with Rev 22.
The next book to contain Rev 23 and 24, and, possibly Rev 25, with Rev 26...The New-Erath-human guidance, being received at present and from time to time.

Now, during Nov 2013, whilst finishing the compilation of Book 1, CONTACT WITH OUR “HEAVEN”, here at Marloth Park, I picked up ‘n hindering problem/spiritual-request/guidance that, based upon a personal experience whilst being here, I finally clear the DROSS still in my life. Then a personal aggravation happened, and that set me unexpectedly on the dross clearing path.
Being one who is lead to put my experiences in words, I did that, BUT, during this horrible period, I was shown by my guides that I was writing text, a far-off, impersonal report of what I am experiencing, and that is not what my mission is about. My calling is to share my HEART EXPERIENCE and not write a dissertation. I was asked and guided to re-word the contents of the book and see to it that I convey my highly spiritual experiences with and in emotion, for that is how I received it.
You see, I was ín the ‘receivals’, it spoke to and touched my heart deeply: I did not experience words only.
I am still busy with this, however in a few days my time here will come to an end, but, then, during the past days, I was requested by my spiritual accompanyment to insert/use more emotive wording, for SPIRITUAL CROSSING-OVER EXPERIENCES IS NOT WITHOUT HIGH EMOTION.
And this is where I am, with what I am busy at the moment.
The personal dross has not been cleared as yet, in fact, it hit a painful blockage.

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