"You all carry a very precious Light in your soul.
When you are connected to this Light you feel one with the universe.
This is the divine experience for which you are looking.
You are not yet aware of this inner Light when you start out as a young soul on your journeys, so you look for it outside yourself, in the external world.
You are truly like a child looking for guidance,
but your real mission is to find the guidance within,
and doing that truly becomes the birth of your Divinity

Hierdie is 'n uitreksel uit die kanalisering van
Pamela Kribbe vanuit Belgi, wat gewoonlik Jeshua kanaliseer, maar vandag, 10/9/2013, is dit Moeder Maria/ Mother Mary . Die volle oordraging is propvol sterk leidingsmateriaal: lees dit gerus.

Hergepubliseer deur don/Nuwe Mens

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