Die Christus-boodskap van Neutraliteit  nr 14 

Dit-en-Dat-1 (Christus-boodskap)

   Baie Nuwe Benaderings

Baie nuwe benaderings/terme/sieninge
Benaderings wat van Ander Kant en Dimensies af kom.
Ek besef dis ‘n boel nuwe dinge om van kennis te neem en in te sien, daarom sal ek probeer om via notas dit duidelik te maak, en vra maar, via e-pos as iets nie vir jou duidelik is nie, of indien jy meer inligting verleng. Ja, doen dit gerus.

  Existence is neutral!

  Existence is totally neutral.
  The lion catches the antelope, and we accept it. We are in neutral, attaching to the complete neutrality of nature.
  And so is existence neutral.
  There is no bad light,
  there is no good light,
  there is no good “God”,
  and no bad god, Satan
Note: Many people, especially in Christianity…which is the cultural religion/acceptance of most of my people, in South Africa…without thinking accept and live out the idea of “Satan” as their/the main “God”. By the way, they are addicted to threatening with this illusionary power/person/entity. They love to threaten with him ie Satan will get you, etc. I am waiting for the first dedicated Christian to say to me: “God will cover you with Its grace, love and forgiveness.”
Note: I do not use “Him”, as, to me, the male, chief God, God-the-Father, is dead, past, over with, gone, but, alas, not done with yet. This crafty old man king of the Annunaki, from planet Nibiru, was a man, and the Nibiruans believed that life must be controlled by a man, that is why we are today still burdened with the archaic notion that “God” is a him, male, sort of human, of a certain gender. Laughable actually, that we can think and accept “God” to be at the same time the Creator, but, and only, a poor old human male.
Note: An-u and his Annunaki were from a human type
  Is it time for us to accept also the neutrality of the figurehead of our faith and worship, God, god of all gods, or all gods, represented in one? As a male God prototype has been ingrained into out minds and acceptances, let us now and here replace this laughable, non-fulfilling male “God” with a neutrality view and acceptance. We can call this/It anything, like The Superior Power, it is beautifull to us.

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