Oordraginge van "Lord"/Oom Boeddha ...nr 2

  "Don, remember, and always remember, you are your grandparents...you are us...me...Jeshua...others. Who exactly it was in previous lives does not matter, as we are all one... It is a huge cloth full of designs, and I, you, Jeshua and others are all part of the great,  single picture on this cloth...a beautiful picture on an endless cloth of Eternality.
  Don, I am so glad you have arrived at the term Eternality. It is a great step moving away from boxing the All-of-All as an individual, which is but an individual human. You know, Don, Friend, if only you people on earth will stop trying to figure out and verbalize this unknown Eternality, which is way above your groping and understanding capacity. If only you will  just accept The-Beginning-of-all-Beginnings just is, as you áre also. And sure we are all part of this IS-ness of The Great All, even though we do not grope It, we can not define It or pin It down.
Your Uncle Buddha.

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