Oordraginge van Swedenborg

Die volgende dag toe kontak Hitler my. Waarom weet ek nie. Ek vermoed egter sy rede het later as keuse op my lewenspad gekom.  So het ek destyds “gesprekke” gevoer met oa oom Boeddha,  Swedenborg, Einstein en andere.

Die gesprekke met Swedenborg[1] was werklik interessant, daarom gee ek my aantekening daarvan hier weer:

My Channelled conversations wit ex Swedenborg

Hi, Aruan.
Note: He started the conversation! Although I wished for it.

“Morning, Sir,”

Call me Llewellyn.

“Thanks. Looking forward to it.”

You want to talk about God.

“I see you already know. And about angels.”

Fire ahead.

“It changed your life, this ‘contact’?’

Very much. It made me all anew.”

“Are you happy/satisfied it happened?”

Yes, I cannot picture my life…experience on earth …without it.

“Where are you now?”

A difficult question. Do you mind it I do not respond to that.

NoteAfterwards I realized that ex uncle LS must have reincarnated a long time ago, which makes my question most difficult.

“Its all O.K. Tell me, how did it start, this contact with the Eternal World?”

Same as you, I met up with a psychic…it changed my views…overnight…it was simply impossible for any human to know so much about me and my past, family, passed over ones.

“May I ask who is your guide?”

You know.

“You mean…?”


“Ok, thanks, that makes sense. Grey Eagle, you old fox…”

What would you like to know, Aruan?

“Did you meditate?”

Very much so. In fact that is where it all started. You know, it was a new field and experience to me. And, of course…by now you can deduce that it lead to channelling.

“Yes. Yes. I understand…see…comprehend...You stuck to the God comprehension, Uncle Llewellyn?”

Yes, I did.

“And now…how do you see it now?”

More or less the same, much the same, not the same and very different.

“As always, your answers from there yonder are confusing me, as soon as I start asking questions about this one.”

Well, what do you expect? It is not an easy question, nor is it easy to comprehend the issue."

“That I gathered so far. Tell me, was the idea of God always part of the Eternal domain?”

No, But that much you know.

“So, it was manufactured at a later stage?”

Yes and no. Yes, because the revolutionees produced the idea, but it is easily understood once one lands here, because here is place for all and everything… also for an idea like God."

“Am I to deduce that when you referred to God you meant, or also meant, the One…the Creator, the One that cannot be known, who we should not try to name or to fathom?’


“So, I can reason that the naming of the Entity as ‘God’ was directly in opposition to an acceptance that we as humans on earth can never comprehend eternity nor the One, true Creator?”

Yes, get it very clear that the whole idea of God was to reduce the Creator to a knowable entity, “a Father”, a reachable, contactable, know all, reliable entity, whose side may allegedly have been known in its picking, who “His” alleged favourites were, where “He” resided, what “He” thought and all types of picturing The One.

Now, let me tell you, Aruan, The One is simply not comprehendible, do not even start to attempt such an attempt to bring The One to a level of comprehension. And that is excusably acceptable, but always keep in mind that trying to fathom the fathomless One, our Creator, is like trying to blow the wind away with your breath. It is impossible. Accept this and forget about the rest. For sure this lead to an uncountable number of gods in human mind, but The One is always there, always was and will be.

“So the great uprising was against the Creator?”

Yes and no. It was really a fight for control of the non-corporeal world, a fight for power, and the Creator … as always, never interfering…became part of it."

“Do we humans need God then?”

Yes and no. No, we can stick to the Creator idea only, but, yes, the God idea has brought supremity nearer to man…on earth…more witin its grasp. You know, it is difficult whilst on earth to comprehend such a Supremacy as the Creator. The God idea was/is simply more understandable…that is why it lead to such a vast number of gods…beings understandable to man, tainted with different cultural perceptions ie God is our national father, our own protector, guide and saviour."

“Am I then right to say that the God idea brought The Creator nearer to man?”

Yes and no. You only lead me to yes and no answers, you know.

“It looks like it.”

The Creator always were and is part of all, in all, everywhere, but also removed far away, too far to come by, to much way beyond our grasp and possible experience. Let it be known that humans cannot see The One, cannot speak to it, cannot be visited by The One, cannot receive prescriptive messages, ideas, laws and what not from it. All this is impossible…uncomprehendable, once you land here and progress to understanding of the issue.

Now take a break, eat something as you now need it. We will then talk about God.” “When humans say God, one really means what I now refer to as Creator herein. You see, you are herein aiming high, but not reaching the height you are aiming at. But at least you are aiming in the right direction. It is just to cry about that most humans on earth are herewith and herein robbed of getting. The Creator within their view/aim.

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