Oordraginge van Swedenborg


I had a second discussion/contact with ex Llewellyn Swedenborg.

“Did you experience God as a separate entity on The Other side?”

No, definitely not.

“How did you then experience it?”

All is one and everything is one.

“You mean the Creator, Eternal Sun, God and who knows all?”

Yes and no…we’re on to this answer again, hey? I say yes, because it all boils down to the same thing, being a Supreme Presence, Omnipotence, which neither of us doubt. It is just called differently, perceived…good, we are taught/programmed to see it…believe it to be…God, in Western, human culture. I, having domiciled in Sweden, during that lifetime, received and perceived it as God.  I am aware that you have progressed to a different view, and, note, I term it progress, but it is still not near the absolute reality of the truth in this eternality, that cannot be comprehended by humans. Not at this stage at least. You should giv'"GOD'.  Yes, I know you prefer GOD or CREATOR. Whatever. Just do it. Get going. And you may consult me re this. Do not forget Einstein and a few others. 'Jesus' and the ex Buddha for a start, 'Ons' ('We'), who also speaks to you. It could turn out to be a fantastic discussion, especially now that your long lasted battle with the Cross is over. Oh, by the way, congratulations. I like what I see. So does your guide, the Buddha,  Zoroaster/Zarathustra and others. Work at it, let us see your progress. The Cross idea is great, hey?
You are waiting for better days, I know, but start planning, for it will come. For sure.

“Let’s get back tp God.”

I was happy within that framework.


Yes, wás. If I had a chance to review it today, I would word it differently…you know, steering away from the usage of God, or the term God, as part of a large bundle of gods, which may be used by man when and how pleased. Is is ridiculous. If there is a God, then one God only should there be, not millions of gods, called God. BY the way, Don, you were right there, too much of a good thing.

“Am I on the right track to say God is an innovation of man’s predecessors?”

Yes and no. You are smiling again. Yes, but no too, for they too inherited it. It stems from the great uprising in this world/dimensions where I am now. It seems possible that the God idea was implanted here (on The Other Side) as part of the revolt…their alternative idea.

“You buy that, Uncle Llewellyn?”

It looks to me that way.

“Does one not obtain full answers on the other side?”

Here one progresses further, you go further, but there is no packaged facts or truths, no religion, no prescriptiveness…only guidance and freedom to choose.

“May one choose God?”

How do you choose that which does not form part of reality?

“You mean God is an idea?”

Most definitely so. Most definitely.

“Why is the idea simply not squashed there where you are?”

Because that would be abusing of freedom. I do think though that those with a God notion comfortably adapt to a Creator notion. It is not too huge a leap. It is only the rigoram, the definite prescriptiveness, the one-and-only concept  of God and gods which forms a great stumbling block herein.

“Is there then not only one and only one Creator?”

Yes and no. Here we go again.

“I am smiling, Uncle Llewellyn.”

I see. You see, Aruan, one is not coerced or forced here to accept and follow the Creator… The One. One is let alone to work things out.

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